Hand-painted and Airbrush Tattoos -
Temporary, Glitter, and Bling Styles

All our tattoos last between 2 and 7 days with care, and are waterproof... perfect for hot days and pool parties! Some tattoos can be painted freehand, and others are created using unique stencils created only for professional artists. Bling tattoos - which are exclusively created only by Magickal Entertainment - are created using crystals, gems and other 3D elements in patterns, themes and designs.

NEW for 2015!!! Airbrush tattoos, both fantasy and realistic styles, waterproof and fun for all ages.
Samples of our realistic tattoos - these are the most recent ones, and more photos will come showing color. How cool is this??
Samples of hand painted and glitter tattoos (both stencil and freehand).