Cap’n Davy Vane and First mate Grace Rackham are at your service to provide lots of pirate-y fun and activities, and memorable moments that will last a lifetime! Cap’n Davy Vane performs a show, teaching the children how to speak and sing like pirates (along with other pirate/nautical-themed games and activities). An optional ending to the show is available, where one child is “crowned” king or queen of the pirates, and they get to keep the pirate hat as a souvenir. This can be the birthday child at a birhtday party, or one child will be selected from the audience at the event/company picnic.

A pirate craft table is also available, where kids get to make their very own pirate "dangle", attached to a pirate scarf, or they can make their own pirate hat. We provide the beads and tools, and Cap'n Davy and/or First-Mate Grace are available to assist and oversee this activity. First-Mate Grace Rackham can provide assistance to Davy's show, as well as award-winning face painting and temporary tattoos, to bring out the inner pirate in you!

Do you need other kinds of pirates? Magickal Entertainment 
specializes in supplying the best pirates in the San Francisco Bay 
Area, bringing in authentic entertainers from all over who are the 
perfect scurvy dog, wench, swabbie, Captain Jack, or even 
singing pirates and privateers. All our pirates are actors who strive for 
authenticity, yet are fun-loving, and will make your event memorable 
every time. Birthdays, corporate events, grand openings.... you name it, 
our pirates can be there to provide added color, fun and excitement.