Other services

Balloon Twisting
Our balloon twisters are highly entertaining as well as artistic, and can twist between 8 and 15 balloons per hour.
Balloon Decor
From basic columns of balloons to elaborate balloon sculpted scenes, we can create the wow-factor that balloon decor brings to any event or party. Ask us for more information when calling or sending an email.

Caricature Artists
Pen and ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolor... all our caricature artists are talented and quick, and all unique in style. Generally they can draw 10-12 sketches per hour.

Henna Artists
Expertly done henna tattoos are beautiful, expressive, or tribal and edgy! With care, they can last up to 2 weeks. We can bring one artist for your event, or more for a crowd.

Dean has tamed the most wonderful dragon, a sea dragon named Cedric, and they can come to your party strolling and singing of dragon tales, tell jokes, and make mayhem and merry with children of all ages.

Pirates and other Characters
Our walk-around characters are authentic and fun loving, as well as professional and age-appropriate to the event in costume and demeanor. Some characters available include (but are not limited to) Pirates, Renaissance, Steampunk, Fantasy (fairies, pixies, etc.). 

Please note that we do not book licensed characters such as Spider-Man, Disney Princesses or SpongeBob, due to liability and licensing issues. We create fantastic original characters that spark the imagination, and bring that unique quality to events that people remember for years to come. Why hire the usual, when you can be different and unique??