Airbrush Tattoos

All our tattoos last between 1 and 5 days depending on your skin type, and the care given to help them last. We use top grade skin-safe waterproof (or water-resistant) makeup that is made for the skin, such as Endura, Proiink, and Kryolan. This is perfect for pool parties where you don't want the designs to wash off, as well as for hot days where people will sweat, but the designs will stay.

Please let us know if you want water-resistant or water proof makeup. There is no cost difference, but water proof makeup will stay on for up to 5 days with care, and is not painted on the face. Water-resistant makeup is painted on the face and is guaranteed to stay on longer than regular water-based makeup. Click here to inquire about pricing!

Realistic "weekend ink" for your event! Click here to inquire about pricing.

Fun and quick tattoos for all ages... Click here to inquire about pricing.