Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our entertainers stand out in the crowd?
Our artists are constantly taking classes to hone their skills, and we are always looking at the latest entertainment trends to make sure our designs are timely and fresh. Our artists wear attire that is appropriate to the event, they always show up on time, and have cheerful, professional attitudes from the moment they show up to when they leave the event.

Why do we do what we do?
Kristen Scott has been painting faces professionally since 1984, and loves to make people happy with her work. Dean has been entertaining people professionally for over 40 years in theater and at festivals, and truly enjoys making people happy. Together they work hard to bring you the best entertainers for your events

Why should you choose our entertainers for your special event?
Our balloon twisters are more than just makers of really cool balloon sculptures. They  tell stories, witty jokes, and more to entertain while they create. You get a bit of a show as well as balloon sculptures when you hire us.

For face and body art, please always ask if the face painter is using real makeup. Reputable companies include Kryolan, Wolfe, Mehron/Paradise, Ben Nye, FAB, Ruby Red, Snazaroo, Global, Grimas and Superstar. If the face painter is not using makeup by any of these companies, ask what they are using. Craft paint, acrylic paint, tempura paints and homemade paints are NOT made for the skin and will cause reactions anywhere from a red mark up to chemical burns.

What is the secret to our amazing artists?
Our artists work hard to keep up our skills as entertainers. They spend thousands of dollars on continued education in our fields, make new costumes and outfits every year, and practice for hours to make sure they are the fastest, most accurate and amazing artists you can find in the business. They do this not just because they want to make money, but they genuinely love what they do and most importantly, we care about you the customer. The biggest thrill our artists get is the smile on your face and the sound of applause when we paint your face, make you a balloon design, or when we finish our show.

What should you look for in hiring an entertainer?
Most importantly, ask for recent samples of work to see their level of competence, and make sure it is THEIR work that they show you, rather than photos they've pulled off the internet of other people's work. Most reputable artists will have some form of a portfolio of their own work online somewhere, so ask if they can share that with you, too. Also, make sure the entertainment company/artist follows through with a contract that contains all the pertinent information needed for your event. That contract will help both you and the company with clear communication about your event, and will save a lot of stressful moments later on.

What sort of continuing education do our artists do? You mean, they have a convention for that???
Kristen Scott is a teacher at face painting conventions, and takes classes as well. Conventions include FABAIC, Bay Area FABA and Living Canvas. She also hosts face painting jams in her area to help other face painters grow and share their skills. Our balloon twisters also go to conventions, teach, host jams and practice, practice, practice to be their very best for you.

What is an amazing thing happening in the entertainment industry right now?
In the face painting business, we use water-based makeup which will sweat off in high heat, or come off in the swimming pool. We at Magickal Entertainment have started to offer sweatproof/waterproof makeup that comes off with soap and water, and it looks great on everyone! It's a little more expensive, but worth the price when you want to have face and body art at your next swimming party.