How to Have a Fun, Memorable Party Without Going Crazy

written by Kristen Scott, owner of Magickal Entertainment


We all love going to a party that is full of positive energy, good food, fun and lots of entertainment, and being greeted by relaxed, happy hosts. Hosting a party doesn’t mean you have to be one big stressball when the party starts, if you know how to plan, organize and execute your ideas. It's really not hard if you follow these three simple tips. Here they are, to get you started on the road to a fun, non-stressful party:

Create A Timeline. Make a timeline of the event, and work backwards to see what needs to be accomplished and when. It doesn’t matter if you are having a small party for your kids, or a large soiree for Halloween, timelines will help put into perspective what you need to do, and it practically writes your To Do list for you!


If you need to book a face painter and balloon twister, six weeks to two months is the PERFECT time because your entertainment-booking agency will be able to fit the right artists to your event.

If you want the party to be on April 19, backtrack six weeks in order to see when the invitations should go out in the mail. Six weeks is a long enough, and short enough, time frame so most folks will be able to put your event into their own schedules... and more of your guests will be able to go! If you are really worried about your guests being able to make it to your event, send out a Save The Date postcard (and email if you want).

When you send out invitations, this also means that you will need time to create and put together the invitations, whatever they may be... so backtrack even further to give yourself time to make them, or have them made. “Keep It Simple” is always a good rule of thumb, from creating the invitations all the way through to the decorations and the cake.

Write It Down. Lists, be they short or long, will always help you remember what you need to do and when. I recommend leaving out a notepad and pencil on the table in the middle of the house at the beginning of planning, which allows you to write down things you want to remember, when you remember them... food to buy, companies to call (to rent equipment or hire the bouncy house), or notes to remind you to hire a babysitter if needed. Lists will allow you to sleep at night and not have a panic attack.

My biggest tip is.... Keep It Simple. Because there are so many elements to a successful party, having elaborate place settings, drinks, decorations and activities can be not only overwhelming to guests, but the details can make you crazy! If you want to do something amazing and memorable, take one element of the party and make it as elaborate and creative as you want, and let the rest be simple, clean and easy. Let your caricature artist, face painter, or balloon twister do the heavy-lifting in the elaborate and complex design department... they are there to make you look like the Rock Star party host!

Use these three simple tips to help you make your next party go smoothly, and hopefully without too much stress. You should be able to have as much fun as your guests when the time comes for your special event, and that is always a good thing. And, don’t forget to use a reputable, creative entertainment booking company like Magickal Entertainment, to hire the best artists in town. Good luck!